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5 Ways Taylor and Travis Are Raising the Bar on Relationships.



According to psychologists, Swift and Kelce’s very public yet seemingly very fulfilling partnership sets a new standard for healthy relationships in several ways.

1. Direct Communication Removes Guesswork

“Travis’s bold gesture of giving Taylor a homemade Swifty bracelet with his phone number showcased his assertiveness and directness,” notes Andrea Dindinger, a San Francisco-based Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist.

Such bold sincerity eliminates the guesswork and confusion that can come with new relationships, enhancing emotional security.

2. Vulnerability Builds Early Trust

According to Dindinger, this star couple also promptly introduced each other to friends and family, a vulnerable move that said, “I’m taking you and us seriously.” Allowing those closest to them to scrutinize the relationship communicated confidence and trust in one another from the start.

3. Openness Fortifies Their Bond

Swift and Kelce have also openly shared their blossoming relationship with the public instead of hiding it away.

“Openness and transparency require maturity,” says Dindinger. “It communicates being comfortable in yourself and the belief that you can survive no matter what happens to the relationship.”

4. Mutual Caretaking Deepens Intimacy

Kelce’s act of calling off security during a date showed his commitment to protecting Taylor and willingness to be vulnerable, shares Dindinger. Swift’s receptiveness to this caretaking further solidified their bond.

“Trusting your partner to both receive and provide for your physical and emotional safety is essential in satisfying long-term relationships,” Dindinger says.

5. Prioritizing Each Other Despite Busy Lives

Though both stars have hugely demanding careers, they make considerable efforts to attend one another’s performances and games across states and continents. Making time for your partner amidst the chaos of life is important and shows that you care about the things they care about. Swift and Kelce show that true love will make the effort.

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