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Patrick Mahomes drops to 10th in NFL QB rankings



Mahomes’ fumbled exchange with Isiah Pacheco was a result of the Chiefs trying to do too much and getting too cute.

It’s worked so often in the past that it’s now ingrained in their approach when it shouldn’t be, which is alarming.
More alarming, though, are the many other issues pervasive throughout this unit.

Mahomes and his receivers have timing issues, targets are still dropping passes (including Travis Kelce this time around).

The Chiefs’ tackles are struggling mightily to protect Mahomes, and he’s left only to run for his life with the hope of creating positive gains.

That’s what he did all afternoon in the loss to the Raiders, so much that when he finally threw a touchdown pass to Justin Watson, he appeared both exasperated and exhausted. It shouldn’t be this hard.

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