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As Patrick Mahomes takes on Lamar Jackson, the Mahomes vs. Tom Brady race is also at stake



This is not a suggestion that Mahomes is anywhere near catching Brady. Super Bowl campaigns routinely fade from grasp.

The club of quarterbacks to sustain success in a league of parity is exclusive.

If the Chiefs beat the Ravens, Mahomes will become just the eighth starting quarterback ever to advance to at least four Super Bowls.

If the Chiefs win it all again this year, Mahomes will become just the fifth starting quarterback with at least three rings.

(The Chiefs currently have the third-best odds to win, they’re +350 behind the Ravens’ +200 and 49ers’ +145, per BetMGM.) And he is six years into his starting career.

That said, the clubs of seven-time champions and of 10-time Super Bowl participants include the same number of quarterbacks: one.

Brady remains unparalleled, and it’s way too early to meaningfully assess Mahomes’ attempts to catch the quarterback who played until age 45 and won his last title at 43. Mahomes is 28.

“I’m trying to catch Tom,” Mahomes told reporters last year before the Super Bowl. “But Tom’s a long ways away. You can ask me when I’m, like, 38 years old.”

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