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Ed Sheeran Shares Rare Photo of Taylor Swift’s ‘Private’ Cat Meredith Grey



The singer-songwriter uploaded a photo of himself and the feline to Instagram on Monday.

Ed Sheeran, an early holiday surprise for the cat-loving Swifties out there!

The “Perfect” singer, 32, uploaded a rare image of Meredith Grey, one of Taylor Swift’s three cats, to Instagram on Monday, and Swift fans were quick to react.

In the picture, shared by Sheeran as part of a social media photo dump captioned “Dumpington #3,” the Grammy winner snuggles up to Meredith while resting on an ottoman.

Wearing a white tee, Sheeran has his face up against the fluffy grey Scottish fold cat, who is shown resting on a sweater and enjoying cuddles from the musician.

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