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Patrick Mahomes lacks confidence in his receivers



The Chiefs receiving corps has been under a lot of scrutiny this season. NFL great Kurt Warner shows the QB’s lack of trust in them is hurting his decision making.

Patrick Mahomes lack of trust in his receivers is actually hurting his (usually clinical) decision making. Kurt Warner has the receipts to show that the receiving unit’s lackluster play is to blame for more than just dropped passes. The NFL analyst and 2017 Hall of Fame inductee analyzed tape from last Sunday’s Chiefs at Raiders game to highlight how much it’s affecting the 2022 NFL MVP.

In his Study Ball segment, Warner starts by introducing the reason behind his tape study: “Let’s take a look at the Chiefs and their passing game. I know we’ve said a lot about the receivers and not being able to catch the ball consistently and all of those different things. As I watch the tape, I wonder how much it’s affecting this guy (Mahomes) right here”.

The former Rams and Cardinals QB explains that something is off this year with Mahomes himself: “He is so good at playing inside the pocket on top of all the special stuff that he does, but I’m not seeing that same sort of play from him this year”.

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