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Refs flag Jason Kelce for costly false start, and NFL fans were fuming



A false start penalty against Jason Kelce put the Eagles out of “Tush Push” range in the red zone during the second quarter against the Seahawks on Monday night. Fans weren’t happy with the decision from officials.

Kelce was penalized virtually the moment Philadelphia’s offense got lined up ahead of a third-and-1 play, as officials determined he moved the football prior to the snap.

An overhead replay showed that Kelce’s body was completely still, but the ball was in fact moving in his hand before the team was fully set.

ESPN’s NFL officiating analyst John Parry confirmed on the Monday Night Football broadcast that the referees were correct in their assessment of a false start call.

Still, fans on social media were not pleased with the somewhat confusing false start call and voiced their distaste on social media, with many declaring it a phantom penalty.

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