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Swift fans are spamming the platform to cover up the explicit fakes



Swift’s fan base has criticized X for allowing many of the posts to remain live for as long as they have.

In response, fans have responded by flooding hashtags used to circulate the images with messages that instead promote real clips of Swift performing to hide the explicit fakes.

The incident speaks to the very real challenge of stopping deep fake porn and AI-generated images of real people.

Some AI image generators have restrictions in place that prevent nude, pornographic, and photorealistic images of celebrities from being produced.

Although, many others do not explicitly offer such a service.

The responsibility of preventing fake images from spreading often falls to social platforms.

Something that can be difficult to do under the best of circumstances, and even harder for a company like X that has hollowed out its moderation capabilities.

The company is currently being investigated by the EU regarding claims that it’s being used to “disseminate illegal content and disinformation.”

It is reportedly being questioned regarding its crisis protocols after misinformation about the Israel-Hamas war was found being promoted across the platform.

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