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Taylor Swift tipped M&T Bank Stadium workers 100 dollars



Taylor Swift was seen thanking stadium workers and tipping them generously after the Kansas City Chiefs duel against the Baltimore Ravers at M&T Bank Stadium.

The famous singer attended the game to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce leading his team to the Super Bowl, as the Chiefs grabbed a 17-10 victory at the Ravens.

A worker reported that she personally handed out blue notes, believed to be $100 bills, to about four workers, expressing her gratitude before leaving.

“So I work on suite level @ M&T Bank Stadium and got word the freight elevator would be closed from 1pm-3pm due to her entourage and security,” the worker wrote.

“A coworker got her attention by calling her name then she walked over and asked her “Do you work here?”.

She then announced she’d tip all of us for our service and pulled out a blue money phone inside an envelope, very modestly.

She personally handed about 4 of us a blue note while thanking us before taking off.

I still can’t believe it happened. We lost but what a day. Thank you Taylor!”

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