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Travis Kelce calls media ‘bunch of jacka–es’ after calling for Mike Tomlin’s firing



Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce had some choice words for the Pittsburgh media during his latest “New Heights” podcast episode with his older brother, Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce.

They were discussing how veteran Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin will put together his 17th straight non-losing season.

No matter the result of Week 18’s matchup against the Baltimore Ravens on Saturday. The Steelers are 9-7 despite struggles throughout the season.

However, some in the Pittsburgh media were calling for the team to move on from Tomlin, whether it be letting him go mid-season or trading him for assets if possible.

Travis unloaded on the media for even thinking about that as a possibility.

“They were talking about firing him, what, seven weeks ago?” Jason asked his brother.

“The media’s so dumb,” Travis responded. “Why do we do the media? Bunch of jacka–es. Just a bunch of jacka–es.

Just out here talking f—ing nonsense. One of the best coaches the NFL’s ever even seen, about to possibly get his 17th consecutive non-losing season. Jesus Christ.”

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