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Can Travis Kelce ‘Handle’ Girlfriend Taylor Swift’s Super Stardom? David Beckham Says …



Can Travis Kelce ‘Handle’ Girlfriend Taylor Swift’s Super Stardom? David Beckham Says …

David Beckham weighed in on whether or not he believed Travis Kelce could keep up with his girlfriend Taylor Swift’s superstardom.


The retired soccer star, 49, spoke with Jimmy Kimmel on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on Wednesday, May 8, and was asked if he ever talked to the Kansas City Chiefs tight end about the pressure of the limelight.

“I think he can handle it,” the U.K. native candidly responded. “You know, we know Taylor can definitely handle it.”

Similar to Travis, David was known for his athletic abilities but was launched into new levels of public interest after debuting his relationship with Spice Girls alum Victoria Beckham in 1998.

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Travis, 34, and Taylor went public with their relationship in September 2023 and while the athlete already had fame as an NFL player, his popularity has only skyrocketed.

Earlier this month, Travis revealed he had to stop having mail delivered to his home after fans got a hold of his address and sent him excessive amounts of packages.

“The one thing you don’t realize, that when somebody posts your house online, that everybody now has your address and people just send stuff to your house,” Travis told brother Jason Kelce on the May 1, episode of their “New Heights” podcast. “So I literally stopped getting mail to my house. I had to stop. I had to literally tell the post office and everybody to, like, stop bringing stuff to my house.”

Though Jason, 36, admitted that “there’s some stuff that comes and it’s pretty cool,” Travis didn’t want any of it anymore.

“Anything sent to my house, send right back to the sender,” Travis explained. “So anybody that’s just sending random s–t to my house, uh, it’s not getting to me.”

The revelation came months after Jason shared that his brother had to relocate due to security concerns with his relationship with Taylor.

“[Travis] had to completely move out of his house. People were just staying by his house,” Jason said on the February 12 episode of “The Big Podcast With Shaq.” “I mean [for] safety reasons, [he had to move.] And the first day he moved into the new house … [in] a gated community, somebody knocks on the back window of the house.”


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