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Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes says his heart rate spikes at this point during games



Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes says his heart rate spikes at this point during games

It turns out that Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes gets nervous during games … when he’s not out there playing, that is.


During an appearance on Logan Paul’s podcast “Impaulsive” this week, Mahomes revealed that during an in-game experiment a heart monitor he wore on game day once showed his pulse remained steady while he was on the field.

On the sideline, though? That’s when his heartbeat spiked the highest.

“Because when the defense is on the field, I’m a fan just like everybody else. I’m watching my guys. I believe in them, but I can’t control anything,” Mahomes told Paul. “I think when you’re on the field, just like in anything, man, you get to put your input on the game, and that’s easier for me.”

Mahomes certainly has had plenty of big moments in Super Bowl wins where he hasn’t appeared rattled.

Two seasons ago, against Philadelphia, Mahomes led the Chiefs to a 38-35 victory while famously playing on an injured ankle.

Paul’s podcast co-host, Mike Majlak, admitted on the show that he was a Philadelphia fan and jokingly said he would “never forgive” Mahomes for what he did against the Eagles in winning that game.

“I had to win that game for Coach Reid, man,” Mahomes said, referring to Chiefs coach Andy Reid. “It was Coach Reid going up against Philly, who (he) used to coach. We had to win that one for him.”

Mahomes also spoke on the podcast about this past year’s Super Bowl victory against the San Francisco 49ers. That included talk about the game-winning pass to Mecole Hardman, where Mahomes confirmed what The Star reported after the game: The throw was actually supposed to go to Jerick McKinnon.

You saw Chiefs’ Super-Bowl winning pass from Mahomes. Here’s the rest of the story

“That play was freaking sweet, man. It was not supposed to go to the guy that caught the touchdown,” Mahomes said. “We ran the ‘Corn Dog’ one against the Eagles … touchdown, won the game. Then we’re going to run a fake version of that, and we were going to do a little shovel pass, and it was wide open again.”

It led Mahomes to a proclamation about the team’s “Corn Dog”-themed plays.

“Next year in New Orleans (at the Super Bowl), we’re gonna do it again. I’m putting it on the table,” Mahomes said with a grin. “We’re gonna do it again. I’m telling you now.”

Mahomes and Paul have a connection: The Chiefs’ QB is sponsored by Paul’s energy drink, Prime. The two also linked up earlier this week at WWE’s Monday Night Raw in KC at T-Mobile Center, as Mahomes sat ringside and let Paul borrow his three “championship” rings during a fight.

Paul’s podcast was recorded and filmed in Mahomes’ Missouri home, with some of the quarterback’s awards displayed in the background.

Mahomes said he already had two Super Bowl trophies made for himself and was getting a third one completed.

“We’ve done pretty well here in Kansas City,” Mahomes said, looking over his shoulder at the trophy case. “We’ve got to make some more room.”


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