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Chiefs Player James Winchester Details Travis Kelce’s Heart-Melting Reaction to Taylor Swift’s Presence at First NFL Game



Chiefs Player James Winchester Details Travis Kelce's Heart-Melting Reaction to Taylor Swift's Presence at First NFL Game

Even Travis Kelce’s teammates didn’t believe the rumors were true when Taylor Swift accepted his invitation to come see him and the Kansas City Chiefs do what they do best.


The team’s long snapper, James Winchester, was stunned when he was proven wrong at the team’s Sept. 24 game against the Chicago Bears, recounting his—as well as the tight end’s—sweet reaction to her presence while chatting with podcast Like a Farmer’s host Pat Spinosa.

Winchester recalled the speculation that swirled before her appearance, with varying news reports about the couple’s then-alleged romance coming out in the weeks before, but it sounds like Kelce remained mum where his fellow Chiefs were concerned, leaving them to consider his public callouts to the superstar as more of a showboating situation, rather than an actively developing romance.

As he stood on the field during Swift’s first game with one of the team’s equipment managers, Jay White, Winchester speculated that “this whole thing is just made up,” making light of it all, but, much to his surprise, White countered, “No dude, she’s here.” The manager repositioned him and pointed out where Swift was seated in Kelce’s family suite until the player caught sight of her, finally convinced.

His first thought, he said, was, “Well that’s pretty cool.” Next, he “walked up to Trav” to congratulate him. “Hey man, that’s cool she’s here,” he said, causing a little bit of concern for the tight end.

“What do you mean? Did they put her up on the Jumbotron or something?” he replied, but Winchester reassured him, adding, “That’s awesome man. Good for you.”

In response, he says Kelce “just kind of smiled, you know, kind of like blushing,” and we really can’t think of a cuter reaction.

But, boys will be boys, and when Kelce hopped on a golf cart with Swift after the game, the rest of the team couldn’t help but tease him as they headed to the locker room. Oh, to be a fly on that wall.

They got the chance to meet later that night, with Swift immediately recognizing him as having had his “cute kids” out on the field with him earlier in the day, prompting him to muse, “I think I just became a T Swift fan.”

After all the time spent together over the last several months, Winchester could now be considered a certified Swiftie, especially after realizing she’s “just such a genuine person.”

Overall, he “couldn’t be happier for Trav and her,” calling the relationship “a really good thing” for them both.


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