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Jason and Travis Kelce Make Bold Observation About Father Ed Kelce



Jason and Travis Kelce Make Bold Observation About Father Ed Kelce

On the latest episode of the brothers’ award-winning sports podcast New Heights, which was released on Wednesday, May 8, the recently retired Philadelphia Eagles center and Kansas City Chiefs tight end discussed someone they often speak about on the audio show: their father.


While chatting about Patrick Mahomes talking about partying with the duo, the brothers suggested that how much they can party and drink is “in their blood.”

“I’m trying to think. Would it be dad?” Travis asked, further posing the question, “Who would we have got it from?”

“I don’t think dad can drink that good, I’m not gonna lie,” Jason replied, adding, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen dad-”

“S–t faced,” Travis cut in cavalierly, to which his big brother responded, “I’ve never seen dad chug a beer.”

The NFL stars continued to go back and forth about the matter, with Jason insisting he’s never seen his father drunk, and Travis doubling down that personally, he has, in fact, chugged a drink with the Cleveland, Ohio native.

“I guarantee I’ve chugged a beer with dad, at a football game,” Travis assured the dad of three, who seemed to be in complete disbelief.

Elsewhere in the episode, the Catching Kelce alum talked about his recent experiences at this year’s Kentucky Derby— where he was spotted in a fashionable outfit at Churchill Downs and reportedly won quite a bit of money—and Miami Grand Prix, where he attended the Formula 1 race event.


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