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Kylie Kelce emerges as the ultimate MVP with her retirement gift to her husband, Jason Kelce.



Kylie Kelce emerges as the ultimate MVP with her retirement gift to her husband, Jason Kelce.

Kylie Kelce orchestrated a touchdown-worthy gift for her husband, Jason Kelce, following his retirement announcement from the Philadelphia Eagles in March.


This thoughtful present took the form of a meticulously crafted miniature wooden model of Lincoln Financial Field, the iconic stadium where Jason devoted 13 seasons to his team, adorned with his impressive career statistics.

The creation of this heartfelt gift was a collaborative effort between Kylie and Dana Theobald, an esteemed artist based in Georgia renowned for her exquisite wooden stadium replicas under Dana Theobald Designs.

Kylie revealed on her Instagram Stories on April 22 that the inception of this gift dates back two years, when she initially reached out to Dana. The artist ingeniously tailored the design to encapsulate Jason’s remarkable journey, patiently awaiting the green light for retirement and the compilation of his final accolades.

Expressing her gratitude and excitement, Kylie shared, “I messaged @danatheo.designs TWO years ago! She came up with this beautiful custom design and then waited for me to give the retirement green light and J’s final list of accolades.” Dana, whose portfolio also includes stunning replicas of stadiums from Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour, reciprocated the sentiment on Instagram, expressing honor in undertaking this special project for Jason.

On April 22, she posted, “A project that is so special to me and that I’m very excited to share. Thank you so much @kykelce for commissioning me to make @jason.kelce ‘s retirement gift of Lincoln Financial Field.” She further conveyed her appreciation on Instagram Stories, emphasizing, “It meant the world to me!”

This collaborative endeavor symbolizes more than just a mere gift exchange; it encapsulates a profound appreciation for Jason’s illustrious career and his enduring legacy with the Eagles. The painstaking attention to detail in replicating the stadium, coupled with the inclusion of Jason’s career milestones, underscores the depth of Kylie’s sentiment and Dana’s artistry.

Beyond a physical artifact, this miniature masterpiece serves as a tangible testament to the enduring bond between husband and wife, artist and athlete, and the indelible mark left by Jason Kelce on the field and in the hearts of Eagles fans everywhere.


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