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NFL schedule’s best grudge games: Who has something to settle in 2024?



NFL schedule's best grudge games: Who has something to settle in 2024?

The release of the NFL’s 2024 schedule seems imminent based on recent history. And while we do know all of next season’s matchups – including the typically nasty division rivalry pairings – it’s currently unclear when they’ll land on the calendar.


Yet, regardless of where they’re slotted, there are quite a few (temporary, at minimum) grudge-style matches – whether they’re between teams with an axe to grind or a player facing a former club – that will be unique to this year’s docket.

Here are 15 that should be highly anticipated and almost certain to wind up in an exclusive broadcast window or, at least, a late-afternoon Sunday placement:

In the NFL, grudge matches often emerge from rivalries, past encounters, or contentious history between teams or players. Looking ahead to the 2024 season, several matchups stand out as potential grudge games, laden with storylines and motivations for redemption.

One notable showdown is the clash between the New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts. Historically, this rivalry has been fueled by memorable moments like the AFC Championship Game controversies involving the Patriots’ deflated footballs. Additionally, the Colts, led by quarterback Andrew Luck, have faced setbacks against the Patriots in crucial matchups, adding fuel to the fire.

Another compelling matchup is the Green Bay Packers versus the Chicago Bears. This rivalry is one of the oldest and most storied in NFL history, with deep-rooted animosity between the teams and their fan bases. Each encounter is laden with significance and carries the weight of decades of competition.

Furthermore, the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Baltimore Ravens promises to be a grudge game to watch. Quarterbacks Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson, two of the league’s brightest stars, have developed a competitive rivalry, with each seeking to prove their superiority on the field. The intensity of this matchup is amplified by their previous encounters and the desire to outperform each other.

In summary, the 2024 NFL schedule is ripe with grudge games, offering fans the excitement of witnessing teams and players seeking redemption, settling scores, and asserting dominance. These matchups not only showcase the competitive nature of the sport but also highlight the rich history and passionate rivalries that define the NFL.


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