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Peter Krause Jokes He ‘Can’t Believe’ Taylor Swift Wrote New Song ‘Peter’ in His Honor



Peter Krause Jokes He 'Can’t Believe' Taylor Swift Wrote New Song 'Peter' in His Honor

Peter Krause think he might be the inspiration behind a song on Taylor Swift’s new album, The Tortured Poets Department!


The 9-1-1 star, 58, reacted to the lyrics of the song, “Peter” by teasing the music superstar, 34, wrote the song in his honor.

“I can’t believe she wrote this about me,” the actor said as he listened to the tune from the second of the TTPD double album and read the lyrics on his phone in a clip shared on social media.

“Well, you know, it’s all this stuff about being a scene-stealer,” he added.

On “Peter,” Swift makes a clear reference to the famous character Peter Pan, a boy who can never grow up. The song seems to be about someone the narrator met when she was young who said he’d grow up and “come find” her so they could be together.

While Krause joked about being the inspiration for the song, “Peter” may actually be a pseudonym for the Grammy winner’s ex Matty Healy.

The 1975 frontman has referred to himself as a Peter Pan-type multiple times, telling ShortList in 2020 he was “slightly Peter Pan-ish,” and describing himself in a 2016 interview as “a sort of emo Peter Pan self-lacerating Pied Piper kind of character.”

Swift also sings about the object of her affection being 25 years old at the time they were first together, and Healy was 25 in 2014, when they first met.

There’s been speculation for years that Swift’s Folklore song “Cardigan” is possibly about Healy, and last year, during their brief romance, fans believe she mouthed a sweet message to him onstage in Nashville while performing the song.

“This is about you. You know who you are. I love you,” she appeared to mouth during “Cardigan,” which contains the line, “Tried to change the ending/Peter losing Wendy” — a hint that both “Cardigan” and “Peter” are about the same subject.

In June, Swift and Healy were “no longer romantically involved,” and that while their relationship was “a good time,” it “ran its course.”

Swift started dating boyfriend Travis Kelce in the summer of 2023, while Healy has been dating girlfriend Gabbriette Bechtel, a model with a large social media following, since September.


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