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‘Selfish’ woman slammed for putting Taylor Swift’s 22 hat that was given to her younger sister at the Eras Tour on eBay for $20,000 – but insists the money is for a good cause



'Selfish' woman slammed for putting Taylor Swift's 22 hat that was given to her younger sister at the Eras Tour on eBay for $20,000 - but insists the money is for a good cause

A ‘selfish’ woman has been slammed for putting the ’22’ hat Taylor Swift gave to her younger sister on eBay for $20,000.

Jeana Linzy attended the Eras Tour concert at the Metlife Stadium in New Jersey in May 2023.

During the concert, Jeana’s little sister was chosen out of thousands of fans to receive the black bowler hat the pop star wears while performing her 2012 track ’22’.
Although some recipients have been picked at random, which appears to have been the case for Jeana’s sister, Taylor gave the hat to a nine-year-old with cancer during her Sydney show last month.

Last night, X user @tayl0rsf0lkl0re spotted the 22 hat – which was signed by Taylor – on sale for $20,000 on eBay
Sharing a screenshot of the listing, they fumed: ‘OMG someone is selling the 22 hat?! Ugh I hate people!!!’

The listing – which has since been deleted – claims that the money from the sale ‘will go towards her collage [sic] fund’.

The post then prompted another fan to contact Jeana – who had shared footage of the Taylor Swift concert on TikTok – as they were concerned it was a scam.

Messaging her on Instagram, they wrote: ‘Hey, this is random and I don’t mean to bother you but I found your Insta through the TikTok of your sister getting the 22 hat.

‘I just wanted to let you know that these pics are ALL over Twitter [X] right now because it looks like someone is eBay is selling her 22 hat.

‘The eBay account looks sketchy so I personally think it’s a scammer that took photos from your TikTok.

‘I just keep seeing people posting stuff blaming her parents for selling the hat and I don’t know if that’s the case or not but I just thought you should be aware.’

Jeana replied: ‘Yes, that is our listing. Thank you.’

Stunned by Jeana’s response, the fan replied: ‘Yikes… that poor child.

‘Why don’t you sell one of your designer bags instead of taking something so special for your sister. The greed is REAL.’

Sharing screenshots of the exchange on X, the fan wrote: ‘Ok listen, I was giving her family the benefit of the doubt bc the eBay account seemed like a scam so i messaged the older sister who posted the OG video of Taylor giving her the hat and……….welp.’

The post sparked further debate among Taylor Swift fans on X – with some labelling the family ‘selfish’.

One fumed: ‘OMG I hope the lil girl isn’t a real Taylor fan at least, because if she is she’s gonna be devastated when she finds out her family did that.’

Another added: ‘This just breaks my heart and makes me so angry. The hat is so special, I feel horrible for this poor girl.’

‘So, so, so, soooo disappointing,’ a third said. ‘People like this don’t deserve tickets to a show – much less the 22 hat.’


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