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Taylor Swift’s heartwarming gesture to family of baseball star mysteriously run over by his own truck



Taylor Swift’s heartwarming gesture to family of baseball star mysteriously run over by his own truck

Bella Hadid opened up about her sister Gigi Hadid as well as pop star Taylor Swift during a candid chat on The Drew Barrymore Show on Monday.


The 27-year-old beauty – who recently shared a loved-up snap with boyfriend Adan Banuelos – stopped by the talk show to promote her new fragrance Orebella amid her decision to step away from modelling.

When prompted for sisterly advice by Drew, Hadid opened up about her relationship with Gigi, 29.

‘Well, it’s inevitable to fight, right? But it’s [important] always to know that you’re gonna come back from it,’ she explained about sisterhood, adding that they used to butt heads over what music to play.

Bella revealed about growing up with her older sibling: ‘She was a Swifty. I love Lil Wayne. That was really hard for the school drives. You know what I mean? But now I can say I’m a hardcore Swifty.’
‘I think that is what’s so important about my sister and I going through life. Like we’re best friends and have regular sister stuff — like stealing clothes, getting the front seat, you know, like, what music are we gonna listen to?’ she explained.

And the beauty only had kind things to say about Swift, 34.

‘Taylor is amazing. And she’s just the most humble, sweet, adorable human being,’ she gushed about the songstress.

Bella continued, ‘And then all of a sudden she’s a superstar and that’s what’s interesting about the celebrity thing.’

She paid tribute to her big sister in April as the blonde stunner turned 29.

Taking to Instagram, Bella uploaded a series of photos with her sibling and added a heartfelt caption.

‘Happy birthday princess of genovia I love you so much,’ she began the note. ‘Life without you would be nothing, I would be nothing! You inspire me and make me feel strong. Watching you give birth and then raise the most perfect angel is the most magical gift a sister could ask for.’

The proud sister continued, ‘I feel so lucky. You are the best & coolest mama, best sister, best daughter, and best friend. Anyone who has the privilege to be in your orbit is lucky , indeed! I love you sissy, you make me feel proud to be your sister. I’m obsessed with you in every single way!’


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