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Travis Kelce Asked Taylor Swift About Her 2012 “Punk’d” Episode: ‘So Good’



Travis Kelce Asked Taylor Swift About Her 2012 “Punk'd” Episode: 'So Good'

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end discussed the classic MTV series with comedian and actor Andrew Santino on the latest episode of ‘New Heights’


Travis Kelce can’t wait to hear more about Taylor Swift’s 2012 Punk’d episode!

Speaking on his podcast New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end, 34, and his brother Jason Kelce, 36, were joined by comedian and actor Andrew Santino on the April 24 episode.

Santino, 40, was asked if he had ever told Travis about how he pranked Swift, 34, in 2012 during an episode of Punk’d.

“You gotta see the clip, but we did. Justin Bieber was hosting that episode. It was a celebrity punking a celebrity. And we did this many, many years ago,” Santino explained. “I guess, Bieber had come back from Japan, and he told Taylor to come to his house to set off fireworks off the back of this house that we rented in Malibu.”

“My favorite part about this, by the way, when this clip resurfaced, people were like, that’s so mean. This is crazy. It’s like, this is fake. It’s a TV show,” he added.

Santino continued, “But Taylor got a call from Justin and was like, ‘Come to this new recording studio.’ And she came down there at the beach in Malibu to just see his new studio and hang out.”

“And he was like, ‘I have these fireworks from Japan,’ ” he said. “ ‘Let’s set them off.’ And Taylor, obviously, to her credit, who’s always on point, was like, ‘I don’t know if I wanna do that.’ ”

Santino went on to explain that they decided to create a button that Swift would accidentally press, resulting in a fire.

“I said, if she doesn’t wanna do it, we have to make it so it’s like a button or a thing where it’s, like, an accidental easy did you press this or whatever?” he said. “And they set up a rig, a fake rig with buttons on it, and she did, like, touch one, like, slightly just goofing around. And it set off a fire, and we had it on a rope line to throw it in the direction of this boat.”“So good,” Travis said.

“A big boat out in the ocean. I’d set the boat on fire, and there was a wedding party on the boat, and I was the groom,” Santino said. “And we were dingy-ed to shore, with our boat on fire. And we blamed her for ruining our wedding.”

Santino described how he, the bride and the pastor went to the shore and said, “You ruined our wedding, Taylor Swift.”

The actress who played the bride then started saying, “Maybe this is a sign I shouldn’t marry him,” to which Swift replied, “No. I don’t think that’s right.”

“I gotta ask Taylor about that one,” Travis laughed.


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