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Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift Romance Fabricated by Roger Goodell & Co to Increase NFL’s Ratings as Per Former Player



There might be something fishy going on with this high-profile pairing of Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce and pop superstar Taylor Swift. John Moffitt compared the couple’s highly publicized coupling to the calculated, almost “Hollywood-esque” tactics used by the NFL to boost its popularity and ratings.
Could the league’s top brass, led by Commissioner Roger Goodell, be orchestrating this romance to court new viewers and fans? Moffitt certainly seems to think so. In a candid conversation with sports YouTuber Ian Bick, former NFL player John Moffitt expressed his doubts about the authenticity of the relationship. He strongly believed that the high-profile coupling could be a calculated “arranged dating thing” orchestrated by the NFL to boost the league’s popularity. Bick echoed Moffitt’s skepticism, comparing the situation to the much-discussed relationship between Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, which some speculated was staged for publicity. “If there’s any conspiracy yeah that I mean I don’t know they do look happy no now now though like Taylor Swift and maybe like it was staged and then it fell into something.” Bick noted, hinting at the possibility of a calculated pairing questioning the NFL’s credibility and its commitment to the purity of the sport.
NFL Boss gives ‘Thumbs up’ to Travis Kelce- Taylor Swift
While Moffitt may be raising his eyebrows at the Kelce-Swift romance, the big boss himself – NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell – is giving the high-profile couple a big ol’ thumbs up. In a chat with CBS Mornings in last year, Goodell said the couple “seems to be enjoying their relationship” and has “connected more fans of Taylor’s and more fans of the NFL in some ways..I think it’s great for the league to have that kind of attention. So we welcome it”


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