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Wondering Whether Joe Alwyn Reached Out to Taylor Swift About ‘Tortured Poets’? Sources Are Spilling



Wondering Whether Joe Alwyn Reached Out to Taylor Swift About 'Tortured Poets'? Sources Are Spilling

Taylor and Joe are not in touch at this point, but they try to be respectful of one another.”
Per the insider, “Joe wants to keep his personal life private,” and “He is more introverted and the interest about his personal life is a bit overwhelming to him.


He is focused on acting and his career.” Oh, and the source notes that “Taylor is happier than ever in her relationship with Travis and is focused on the future.”

Fans initially expected most of Tortured Poets to be about Joe, but then—surprise!—it turned out to largely be a Matty Healy album (at least, according to fans 👀), with only a few songs about the actor sprinkled in.
As for what Joe’s been up to since the project dropped, a source recently told that he’s “doing well,” “focused on work,” is “dating and happy,” and is “a great guy and not into drama in any way.”

Got it!
Joe claims has “moved on” from Taylor and “certainly doesn’t talk poorly about her. He was in love with her, and it just didn’t work out.”
Oh, and before you ask/frantically start searching, there doesn’t appear to be any info about who Joe is dating. Sorry!


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